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Friday, January 27, 2017


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Being naturally disorganized, I've seen the differences between myself and those naturally organized creatures ..... they keep track of everything whether on paper, electronic or in a cloud.  But you and I, the "striving-to-be-functionally-organized", still lose info!  Why? 

Because we love all those fun new things and we act like that cartoon dog who's so easily distracted by squirrels: ohh Dropbox, that'll be perfect...ohhh Evernote, that's the one that'll save me...oh my, iCloud you are the best...Oh yes, that new daytimer will keep me on task.....oh wow, how did I live without (insert latest technology or product)!?!?!?

Yes, I still struggle to keep on top of all info I want to save!  For me, less is more!  I use Notes on my phone to keep info I need to recall.  And I use the notes sections on Outlook to keep people-specific notes and info.  And lastly, I use the Carbonite app to ...

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


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Projects can be exciting and energizing or depressing and terrifying!  Why are projects such a difficult prospect for disorganized people?
It's because a project holds numerous decisions, steps and goals all wrapped up in one big package! Where do we begin?  HOW do we begin? 

I personally love the "SUN-Project" way of breaking down the huge project into small to-do items:
Draw a large circle on your project paper or board - write the name of the project inside the sun.
Now draw lines, or rays, coming out of the big circle (like you drew the sun and rays when you were in elementary school)

Now label each ray as one of the larger jobs within your project; wedding venue, wedding day, rehearsal, food, decor,

Now draw small branches coming off the large rays; like tree branches with new growth stems
The small branches will be the individual tasks required for each large ray or ...
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