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Monday, December 28, 2015


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Can anyone guess the number 1 question asked of Organizers right now? 
"How do I organize all this Christmas decor?"

So here are my few words of encouragement for dealing with Christmas clutter and decor.

1.  Before de-frocking the house, go through the decor you chose not to use this year.  If you didn't use it, donate it!  Dont' fret over it - if you chose not to use it, its' most likely because it doesn't immediately bring you joy.  Let someone else be blessed with them!

2.  Check your containers; get rid of cardboard boxes (they draw mice and roaches), use or purchase boxes of same size so they stack easily, make sure lids fit tightly. 

3.  If your decor will be stored in attics, garages or outdoor storage, put cedar bars/balls in each container. DO NOT USE MOTH BALLS!  You'll never get that smell out!

4.  Now, sort the current decor into categories.  That will be different for each of us.  Ex:  lights, ornaments, greenery, statues.  Or sort by room if you decorate more of your house. 

5.   Put them away orderly and you'll be able to enjoy the unpacking next year! 

Happy Organizing!!
Tracy Axcell, CPO

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