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Saturday, September 15, 2012


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Since moving from Alabama to our new home in North Carolina I've discovered the ups and downs of "minimalistic living".  It's amazingly easy to unpack when you bring next to nothing with you, but then you discover those things you wish you'd kept; wireless router, ice tea pitcher, iron etc.  

So, how can you live more minimalistic without giving up everything?

1.  Go through your cabinets, cupboards and closets and donate/sell anything you've not used in the last year.  One year is all you need to evaluate because you'll have hit all the holidays and seasons.  Get rid of those extra bowls, serving pieces, hats, shoes, towels, sheets and even decor and candles.  
2. Reduce the amount of "like items"; cereal bowls -keep one days worth for your size family, keep one set of extra sheets for each bed, reduce the cooking utensils, baking sets etc. 
3.  Remove extra pieces of furniture that aren't used regularly.  This may mean removing an entire room; dining room, 3rd extra bedroom etc.
4.  Combine precious memories into boxes for each family member and pass them on to the kids if they're grown up.

There are so many ways to live with less and reduce the stress in our lives.  
I'm sitting on one of my 3 barstools as I write's the only furniture I have right now! 
I may have gone a bit overboard on purging furniture but it made sense to sell/donate rather than store the stuff for 3 years...we didn't realize that 5 months later we'd change our plans, opps.  Well, after 32 years of marriage I deserve all new furniture, right?

How are you living with less?  I'd love to hear your stories, share - share, we all need ideas.
Living with less and lovin' less stress,

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