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Monday, April 2, 2012


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What's Behind There?

Spring Cleaning is a great time to ask yourself this question.
There are places in our homes and offices that truly need to be seen; behind thesmall file cabinet,behind the refrigerator, behind the bed and dresser.These are common placesthat wefail tolook behind so it's the perfectplace for "bunnies"(not the Easter kind) to hide. And you'd be amazed at who the bunniesinvite to join them in the recesses of their dark, private corner; lost receipts, lost papers,single socks looking for a date (or even a mate), pens, sticky notes, utensils and even money.

For me, the best plan of attack is to schedule my "What's Behind There?" searches. I don't want to do a whole day search, I just want to choose one or two hiding places per session. I know that as a "naturally disorganized but functionally organized" person I can't add a long list of cleaning and organizing projects to my day; I won't, because the guilt is too overwhelming when I don't get them done. Let's be honest, we need to be equipped to be successful and that won't happen with a long list of overwhelming jobs!

Here's my schedule:

Monday's in April

1st: What's behind the refrigerator?

Pull it out - all the way! Vacuum up as much as possible. Use disinfecting wipes to get the gunky stuff (preferably without bending over, so I use my feet to swish around). Use a whole canister of wipes if necessary. We know that we don't like washing our cleaning tools, so use throw away cleaners.

2nd: What's behind the desk?

Vacuuming is usually enough but ifyou find a long lost note or important paper, put it in the "Urgent" pile to deal with whenyour finished.

What's behind the bed?

Again, vacuuming is usually enough, butbe prepared to use the edging tool. Yes, it's an extra effort that we tend totry skipping, but I promise you, it's worth the effort. Tossall the dirty socks, loose change and leftover utensils in their proper "home" to be dealt with after you've moved the bed back in place.

3rd: What's behind the blinds?

Lets be honest again, we don'tdealwith what can't be seen. We ignore the window sill by just not opening blinds or curtains, but they CANbe seen by people coming to the door! I use the vacuum again as well as those wonderful wipes. It's quick but because there may be numerous windowsour tendency is to just ignore them. Give yourself a chance, set your egg timer and just do 15 minutes worth of window sills - you'll be impressed at how much you accomplish, you may even go ahead and finish them all.If not, that's ok, just do"round 2"on the next session.

4th: What's behind the sofa?

Don't just look behind, look under - the cushions. Therecould bea whole bank worth of coins in there! That wonderful vacuum comes in handy again and those attachments will need to be used. You'll be impressed with how good it feels to know you aren't sitting on any "bunnies"!

You can do it! One session at a time.
Happy "bunny" hunting!
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