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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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Organizing Tips for a Clutter-free Garage
1. Utilize storage you already have before purchasing anything new. Old dressers are great for storing small tools, rags, etc.

2. Make separate areas for small tools, supplies, hardware, large tools, liquids etc.

3. Purchase multiples of the same size storage containers. They will stack easy and give the appearance of order.
4. Keep a small file box with numbered dividers. For each storage unit put a label with a number on it, then list its contents on a 3x5 or 4x6 card and place the card behind the corresponding number in your file box. This works great for boxes stored up on rafters. Make sure you can SEE the number on the box (write in on all four sides), then when you need something you locate it in your file box and go straight to the correct numbered storage unit.
5. Hang large hooks on walls. You can hang rakes, shovels, brooms, etc on the hooks.
6. Remember tax deductions for donations. You can donate up to $500 worth of items for each receipt: to Hab. for Humanity, Assoc. for the blind etc. Each time you donate you'll receive a new receipt. Just remember to keep each donation under $500 in value.
7. Consider selling extra's and rarely used items. EBay is a great place to sell items. Garage sells are not as likely to draw as much money and take much more effort and time. Go to and click on "sell”. They make it very easy to register and teach you everything you need to know about selling on EBay.
8. Purchase a trunk organizer (Target, Walmart) for each vehicle. You can keep the basics in them: jumper cables, extra oil, anti-freeze, basic tools, bottled water. This will get them out of your garage and will save you time and frustration if you need them when you're away from home! Just a friendly reminder: don't keep extra gas in them! Some people have actually done this it's very dangerous!
9. Refrain from keeping tools and equipment for sentimental reasons. If you've never used something your parents passed down, it is likely they passed it to you because they didn't use it! Sell or donate! It is not likely that your children's bikes will be used by THEIR kids! Sell or donate!
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