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Monday, January 9, 2012


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10 Organizing Tips for a Clutter-free Office
1. Decide what part of the day is your most productive. Reserve that time for you. Use it for the tasks that require the most detail.
2. Save the simplest tasks for the end of your day. You're more apt to finish simple tasks than difficult ones at that point.

3. Use a stacker file on or near your desk. Use only the ones that allow you to label each section. This is an easy place to keep things that need to be dealt with today or those things that are urgent. It keeps your desk from becoming a pile of piles. Use your "15 minute end-of-day” time to clear out.

A. To file/scan whether you or an assistant does the filing, you need a place for it

B. To deliver to someone else whether in the office or for taking home

C. Current only for things that will be dealt with today

4. Clear off your desk at the end of each day. It only takes moments and makes your morning much more peaceful.

5. Use vertical files in your desk drawer. Ex: pendoflex. This will keep you from stacking papers and files horizontally on top of your desk.

6. Use desk and drawer organizers. When they fill up, take the excess back to the supply area.
7. Use full size paper or notebook for notes. Small pieces of paper can get misplaced or lost.
8. Keep a "Quick To Do” list in your notebook. As small tasks come to mind, jot them down. Ex: emails to write, appointment to make, bill to check on.
Set a 15 minute appointment with yourself twice a day to take care of the
"quick to do” list.
9. Donate or dispose of old computer programs and outdated materials. These steal space!
10. Keep one tool organizer on your desk for a few pens, pencils, stapler, paper clips etc.
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