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Thursday, August 18, 2011


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Backpacks and school papers are everywhere!

"Drop Zones" solve the problem.

Every student needs somewhere to drop their backpacks, school suppliesand personal itemswhen they come home from school. Whether you're dealing with a first grader or college student, you need to create a place for them to drop all that stuff they bring home - a"drop zone".
How do you create a drop zone? You need to look for a space near the door that they come in from.
Ex: If they come in through the laundry roomthen set a rectangle basket near or in the laundry room. Make sure it's big enough for a backpack to sit in as well as the extra items. You don't want a vaste, bottomless pit, so keep it to no more than 6 inches deep.
If there is something you need for school - put it in the basket. Do they need to bring a signed paper back to school? Put it in the basket. Do they need to return something? Put it in the basket.
At the end of the week, go through all the papers, art and notes. Keep one great example to put in their "memory box" and let the rest go.

Asyour student gets used to having everything they need in one place, they will begin to naturally drop their school supplies in their "drop zone". Their mornings will be much less stressful and their days will be more successful.

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