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Sunday, May 8, 2011


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Organizing Tips for a Clutter-free Kitchen

1. Separate your kitchen into 3 sections: baking, cooking and Serving. You'll have upper cabinet(s), lower cabinet(s) and drawer(s) for each section.

Baking: Upper cabinets: baking spices, sugar, flour, shortening, etc. Lower cabinets: mixing bowls, baking dishes etc. Drawers: measuring cups/spoons, rubber spatulas, wooden spoons etc.

Cooking: Upper cabinets: canned goods, cooking spices, spray oil, etc. Lower cabinets: pot and pans, casserole dishes, etc. Drawers: spatulas, larger utensils, etc.

Serving: Upper cabinets: dinner plates, bowls, cups/saucers etc. Lower cabinets: serving dishes etc. Drawers: silverware

2. Use refrigerator drawers to store pop cans, boxed juice drinks and sports drinks. They don't turn green and hairy when forgotten for weeks!
3. Purchase drawer dividers/organizers in extra drawers. Label the inner sections: batteries, rubber bands, coins, small nails, etc. You can use address labels cut smaller. Place larger items next to the organizers: maps, scissors, pens etc.
4. Keep the toaster, can opener and other small appliances in eye level cupboards. You're more likely to put them away when its easily accessible.
5. Purchase a wall calendar with monthly pockets. Keep appointment cards, birthday cards and reminders in the pockets. Each month, check the contents!
6. Use a shoe box sized container as your Mail/Bill Reminder box. Keep stamps, envelopes, pen, address labels and the extra book of checks in the box.
7. Open mail immediately! Throw away the non-essentials. Place the bill in your Bill Reminder Box. Write the due date on your wall calendar. (Hint: I always write the date for 1 week early it gives me time to mail it if I don't pay it on-line)
8. Place all your cleaning supplies in a large plastic organizer with a handle. (window cleaner, floor cleaner, sink/tub cleaner, sponges, etc) You can store it under the kitchen sink. I carry it with me to clean the bathrooms, too!
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