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Monday, November 7, 2011


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Make a List

CheckIt Twice

Then Shop Online
Most Americans spend 3 times what theyplanned when they shopwithout a plan and a list. As a naturally disorganized but functionally organized person, I struggle with emotional purchases. In order to battle the desire to buy, I've found that it's easier if I keep a list of gift ideas throughout the year.

If you want to control shopping this year, make a list of everyone you for whom youwant to purchase a gift. Brainstorm ideas of what theymight like. Then, calculate how much you can reasonably spend.

Now try to find the best deal online. It will take much less time as well as saving you money because you won't be tempted by all the "deals" in the stores.
I have shopped this way in recent years and it is the reason why I enjoy "Black Friday"; I don't have to buy anything! I shop that day and enjoy spending the small budget I've created for things like "stocking stuffers" and special treasures.


1. QVC - don't get catch up watching it! It pulls at your emotional buying gene, but you can go online and shop without all the emotional video.
2.Black Friday ads- this site gets all the ads early. You can browse, shop, get coupons and plan - all from thesafety of home or office.

3. Amazon -Warning - this site can be addictive!

Limit your spending to only what is on your list and you'll be successfulinsticking to your budget. I like Amazon because you can findsome of the best deals anywhere.

Some simple planning and an amount of restraint and you'll find yourself much happier and with little or no debt this season.
Happy Controlled Shopping!
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