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Friday, October 7, 2011


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Don't waste memory making moments
I was "busy" working on my laptop when my hubby asked me to come join him on the porch. I resisted at first. Then my own words echoed in my head, "don't waste memory making moments!" So, I turned off the laptop and joined him. Within a few moments I noticed a beautiful butterfly floating around us. He settled on our Lilac bush. Awww, memory making moment in the making! We oowed and awwed at how strangly beautiful it was. I grabbed my camera and got a great shot of him.
When my schedule begins to overwhelm me, I take a deep breath and re-focus on the world around me. Too often, as a naturally disorganized business owner/wife/mom, I get caught up in schedules, to-do's and deadlines. I focus on the stuff and junk around me and missout on the people and special moments in the midst.

So, how do we deal with schedules and necessary daily work during summer and still enjoy spending time with people we love? Here are a few of the ideas that worked for me when my kids were younger; they still work now that my hubby and I are "empty nesters".

1. Get up before the kids. This is easy if you have teens, but with "itty-bitty's" at home, it takes extra effort to get up before them. Planning ahead, including setting your alarm clock will open up timefor you to create better summerdays.

What can you accomplish in just 1 hour while the kids still sleep?
a. one load of laundry; washed, dried and folded (with timein between for quick jobs like dusting one room,scrub toilets, etc)
b.shower and dressed with makeup on!
c. lunch made and ready for picnic, beach day or just regular lunchtime meal plus time to load or unload the dish washer
d. read email andrespond with time left to pay bills online. (Highly recommended for all naturally disorganized people - we tend to pay bills late and online billpay makes it easier for us)
e. plan meals for the week and write a shopping list
The list could go on and on, but what we need to recognize is how much we can accomplish in just a short amount of time while the kids are still tucked away.
2.Reserve 1/2 an hour for yourself before bed
We tend to"do" for everyone else as the day ends, then drop into bed and watch TV or read until we fall asleep. Don't get me wrong, "me time" includes recreational reading and TV time, but during the summer we need to use that down time to better prepare for the next days events - then drop into bed :)
Here is what I recommend be accomplished before bed.
a. check next days schedule

b. gather items needed for the activity into one location.

ex 1: picnic at the park with friends - get a bag packed with sunscreen, towells, blanket, toys, and lunch stuff that doesn't need refrigeration and put it all in the car.

ex 2: Networking business breakfast - gather business cards, get name tag, gather any info you want to pass out and put it in the car.

c. check location and either print a map or make a note of address so you can use GPS effectively.
d. go to bed without "to-do's" hanging over your head!
By preparing a little bit before bed plus using your first hour in the morning, before everyone is awake, you'll be ready to enjoy your days schedule and hopefully create some "memory making moments".
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