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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


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Preparation is always worth it least that's what the Pros say
  Sometimes I feel like Alicia in this picture, "Why am I not understanding what everyone else does?"
Preparation for an event is a struggle when you're naturally disorganized. We get caught up with the wrong list of "to-do's". We daydream about others perfect events. We spend countless hours reading up on how to make ours the "world's best". Yet in the end, we feel disappointed and even depressed because we failed to pull it off.
So, this season I want to suggest a new goal for you:
"Prepare for your celebration by looking in, not out"
1. Recall your most favorite celebration.
What did you enjoy? What created the positive emotions you remember? List what you saw, ate, heard, felt. No, I'm not a Psychologist, but I do understand what makes me content or disappointed. When I sit down and take the time to identify what prompted positive emotions I can usually identify what I want to implement again to create those same emotions.

EX: Hearing my kids laughter on Christmas morning. It wasn't the perfect tree, the perfect gift or the perfect breakfast - it was the silly Lifesaver Candy Book in their stocking. It brought back fun memories for me and made them shake their heads in amazement that the candy is still around!

EX: My first Christmas with my husbands family. It wasn't my outfit that made me feel good, it wasn't the mounds of gifts under the tree, it was the apron I received from his Grandmother - handmade and matching the ones she made for all the girls! I felt accepted and loved. So, now I focus on how to make others feel accepted and loved at my Christmas celebration.
Recallyour favorite celebration and find the one thing that made it a special memory. Find a way to instill that same joy in this years celebration.
2. What have you seen in past memorable celebrations?
As you think of a past special holiday, try to picture the scene. What is there: a spectacular tree, a fully decorated hearth or maybe it was a group of family members sitting around talking?
I think there is a trap we set for ourselves of needing every detail to be picturesque and yet most people only recall one major scene; no details. I encourage you to spend your energy this season on major things; don't get side tracked by small details.
If it's the tree, do it up with all your imagination but don't worry about the rest of the room; let the tree be the center of attention as guests and friends come over. Is your past celebration memory about family gathered around talking? Then create a great gathering place, but don't stress over your outfit or the perfect center piece.
3. What are your strengths?
Do you love to bake amazing desserts? Do you create ornate centerpieces? Do you find joy in sewing, quilting or stiching beautifully? Do you feel best when you are serving someone?

Whatever it is, make appointments with yourself throughout the holidays to do those things that use your strengths. Find what you enjoy best and use your natural "gifts" to bless those around you.

EX: I love to bake sweets. So, I will be making chocolate dipped pretzels, Russian Tea Cakes and pumpkin cookies. I'll wrap them up and deliver them to neighbors and friends. I enjoy small gatherings so I'll invite a couple friends over. I'll do it at a time I can serve dessert. I won't cause unnessary stress by trying to do things that aren't my strengths.

Find what filled you with joy in the past and use that memory to create new memorable celebrations this year. Preparation now will provide a peacful and enjoyable celebration this season.
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