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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


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Preparation is always worth it least that's what the Pros say
  Sometimes I feel like Alicia in this picture, "Why am I not understanding what everyone else does?"
Preparation for an event is a struggle when you're naturally disorganized. We get caught up with the wrong list of "to-do's". We daydream about others perfect events. We spend countless hours reading up on how to make ours the "world's best". Yet in the end, we feel disappointed and even depressed because we failed to pull it off.
So, this season I want to suggest a new goal for you:
"Prepare for your celebration by looking in, not out"
1. Recall your most favorite celebration.
What did you enjoy? What created the positive emotions you remember? List what you saw, ate, heard, felt. No, I'm not a Psychologist, but I do understand ...

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Monday, October 11, 2010


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Desk Dilemmas

Does your workspace promote productivity?

by Tracy Axcell

"What can I do to work more efficiently in my office?”

This is the No. 1 question in the minds of many home-based business owners. Although many people struggle with creating an office atmosphere that promotes productivity, doing so doesn't have to be difficult. Use the following simple steps to create the stress-free home office you desire.

1. Take a fresh look at your desk. Ask yourself some basic questions: Do you have clean areas for current projects? Are there office supplies spilling out over your workspace? Do you know what's at the bottom of the pile of papers? The answers to these questions typically reveal a need to freshen up your desk and work area.

Sweep off your desk; one piece at a time. Start with one corner and ...

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Sunday, March 7, 2010


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I wrote the following article for Fujitsu ScanSnap recently about the 3 things that steal your productivity in your office. I hope you'll find some tips or ideas to spur you on to a more productive office environment.


As a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) I consistently see the same three productivity issues in offices: paper, clutter and time. By implementing some simple changes, you will be able to enjoy a more organized, productive home office.

A. Paper
The question I most often hear regarding paper is, "Should I have a paper or paperless filing system?" This is a personal choice with many variables, but which ever you choose, a good file system is a must. Your paper needs to be organized in a way that you can retrieve what you need quickly. In a paperless system, scanning allows for quick retrieval because the computer can do the searching for ...

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Friday, August 7, 2009


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Creating Effective "To-Do" Lists

There are thousands of programs, apps and opinions on how to handle your list of to-do's. Many are good,some are justtoo detailedanda fewactually work for those of us who are naturally disorganized.

I want to show you how I've worked through this issue in my life and hope that it will help you tocomplete your list of to-do's.

First off, I don't have an actual to-do list. For many naturally disorganized people, "to-do's never get ta-done!" If I need to do something, it must be an appointment on my calendar with a specific amount of time or it will never get accomplished; no matter how small or large, it's an appointment, not a to-do.

EX: I wake up and realize I need to accomplish a couple of thingsin addition to the client I already have scheduled. ...

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