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Friday, August 1, 2014


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This week I shared the blessings of the iPhone's assistant, Siri, with lots of clients who've never used her!  As a "naturally disorganized - but, now functionally organized" business owner I have discovered how amazing this tool is for a busy or disorganized people!

Example 1:  you are driving and receive a phone call from a prospective client.  You know your memory will fail you if you try to remember to call her back - come on, be honest, how many times have you said, "I'll call you as soon as I get to ___"?  And then around 3am you finally remember!  STOP trying to remember and use your fabulous assistant Siri.

Press and hold the home key till you hear the beep-beep.

      ** Siri - remind me to call back Jane Doe when arrive at the office


       **Siri - remind me in one hour to check available appointments for Jane Doe

Now you  can be assured the new client will indeed hear from you in a timely manner when that REMINDER pops up at exactly the time and place Siri promised!

Example 2:  You need to read an email from Jane Doe.


**Siri - read the last email I received from Jane Doe


     **Siri - reply to the last email I received from Jane Doe

Siri will ask what you'd like to say in your reply and will shoot off an EMAIL to Jane Doe immediately!

Example 3:   You heard of a great new book that you'd like to read, a new exercise class to attend etc.


     **Siri - make a note to read _______ book

     **Siri - make a note to read up on new exercise craze

You'll find a new NOTE ready for whenever you're ready to check out those references.

Example 4:  You're stuck in traffic and want to let someone know you're running late.


     **Siri - message Jane Doe that I running 15 minutes late. 

And off goes a TEXT to Jane Doe

Example 5:  You think of a great Facebook post you should send out.


     **Siri - Post to Facebook,  "I love using my new Siri!  Are you using her?"    

Siri will read it to you and ask permission to post it to your FACEBOOK!

If you're not using Siri on your iPhone - you're missing out on a great, organized Virtual Assistant!

TRY THIS:  Press and hold the home key. when Siri pops up, touch the "?" at the bottom, left.  You'll see a whole list of assignments that Siri can do for you!

Enjoy your new Personal, Virtual Assistant!  And enjoy your new, less-stressed, more productive day!

Tracy Axcell, CPO

Certified Professional Organizer

Productivity Specialist

Virtual Assistant

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