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Friday, January 27, 2017


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Being naturally disorganized, I've seen the differences between myself and those naturally organized creatures ..... they keep track of everything whether on paper, electronic or in a cloud.  But you and I, the "striving-to-be-functionally-organized", still lose info!  Why? 

Because we love all those fun new things and we act like that cartoon dog who's so easily distracted by squirrels: ohh Dropbox, that'll be perfect...ohhh Evernote, that's the one that'll save me...oh my, iCloud you are the best...Oh yes, that new daytimer will keep me on task.....oh wow, how did I live without (insert latest technology or product)!?!?!?

Yes, I still struggle to keep on top of all info I want to save!  For me, less is more!  I use Notes on my phone to keep info I need to recall.  And I use the notes sections on Outlook to keep people-specific notes and info.  And lastly, I use the Carbonite app to ...

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


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Projects can be exciting and energizing or depressing and terrifying!  Why are projects such a difficult prospect for disorganized people?
It's because a project holds numerous decisions, steps and goals all wrapped up in one big package! Where do we begin?  HOW do we begin? 

I personally love the "SUN-Project" way of breaking down the huge project into small to-do items:
Draw a large circle on your project paper or board - write the name of the project inside the sun.
Now draw lines, or rays, coming out of the big circle (like you drew the sun and rays when you were in elementary school)

Now label each ray as one of the larger jobs within your project; wedding venue, wedding day, rehearsal, food, decor,

Now draw small branches coming off the large rays; like tree branches with new growth stems
The small branches will be the individual tasks required for each large ray or ...
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Friday, November 4, 2016


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Do you blog?  Do you journal?  When we're naturally disorganized, the only way to do anything consistently is to have a way to remember the that thing you keep forgetting!  Blogging just isn't on my mind.  But when someone asked me for my blog address, I looked and realized I haven't blogged in 11 months!!  I'm not sure you can call it a blog if it's a yearly message!

So, if you want to blog, journal or just remember to accomplish something consistently, here is my solution:  make it a calendar appointment with a set time and alarm!  If it's not in the calendar system, it will not be accomplished for most naturally disorganized people. 

My appointment is set as "Do your stinkin' blog Tracy!" - every month on the 25th - with a reminder for a 24 hours prior and 1 hour prior. 

Check back on the 25th and see ...
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Monday, December 28, 2015


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Can anyone guess the number 1 question asked of Organizers right now? 
"How do I organize all this Christmas decor?"

So here are my few words of encouragement for dealing with Christmas clutter and decor.

1.  Before de-frocking the house, go through the decor you chose not to use this year.  If you didn't use it, donate it!  Dont' fret over it - if you chose not to use it, its' most likely because it doesn't immediately bring you joy.  Let someone else be blessed with them!

2.  Check your containers; get rid of cardboard boxes (they draw mice and roaches), use or purchase boxes of same size so they stack easily, make sure lids fit tightly. 

3.  If your decor will be stored in attics, garages or outdoor storage, put cedar bars/balls in each container. DO NOT USE MOTH BALLS!  You'll never get that smell out!

4.  Now, sort the current decor into ...
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Thursday, July 23, 2015


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As we've been in the midst of purchasing a new home I've found my iPhone scanning app to be priceless!  I've needed to send documents that I'd not yet scanned and was away from my laptop.  Thanks to TurboScan I could scan right from my phone and email a doc within seconds!

I think every business or busy person needs a scanner app on their smart phone!  Here are some of the top rated on iTunes (sorry, I'm a iPhone freak, but I know you can find android apps also):

Turbo Scan
Scanner Pro
Cam Scanner

Yes, most of these kind of apps have a fee but it's small - I think I paid $2.99 for TurboScan.


Happy Scanning,
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


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I have used Grip Stic for years and they beat everything at keeping bags closed and food fresh!

Quick and Simple and SECURE!

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Friday, August 1, 2014


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This week I shared the blessings of the iPhone's assistant, Siri, with lots of clients who've never used her!  As a "naturally disorganized - but, now functionally organized" business owner I have discovered how amazing this tool is for a busy or disorganized people!

Example 1:  you are driving and receive a phone call from a prospective client.  You know your memory will fail you if you try to remember to call her back - come on, be honest, how many times have you said, "I'll call you as soon as I get to ___"?  And then around 3am you finally remember!  STOP trying to remember and use your fabulous assistant Siri.

Press and hold the home key till you hear the beep-beep.

      ** Siri - remind me to call back Jane Doe when arrive at the office


       **Siri - remind me in one hour to check available appointments for Jane Doe

Now you  can be assured the new client will indeed hear ...

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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If you've ever built a custom home you know that organizing is required; paper work, ideas, questions, pictures, decisions and decisons and decisions!!
I am just starting and already I'm realizing that I am not as prepared as I could be.
So, I thought it'd be good to share some of my insights and then ask for YOURS!!
My Build Accordian Folder Contents:
1.  Notebook for every meeting!  Notes for quick reference
2.  receipts for purchases
3.  pictures of items I like; appliances, finishes etc
4.  flash drive with more ideas to share with the Builder
5.  swatches of paint and stain colors
6.  copies of legal docs (copies!)
I'd love to know what YOU did when you built a home! SHARE, PLEASE!!
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Saturday, September 15, 2012


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Since moving from Alabama to our new home in North Carolina I've discovered the ups and downs of "minimalistic living".  It's amazingly easy to unpack when you bring next to nothing with you, but then you discover those things you wish you'd kept; wireless router, ice tea pitcher, iron etc.  

So, how can you live more minimalistic without giving up everything?

1.  Go through your cabinets, cupboards and closets and donate/sell anything you've not used in the last year.  One year is all you need to evaluate because you'll have hit all the holidays and seasons.  Get rid of those extra bowls, serving pieces, hats, shoes, towels, sheets and even decor and candles.  
2. Reduce the amount of "like items"; cereal bowls -keep one days worth for your size family, keep one set of extra sheets for each bed, reduce the cooking utensils, baking sets etc. 
3.  Remove extra pieces of furniture that ...

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Saturday, July 28, 2012


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Recently I helped a friend deal with a pile of old photo's in frames.  She was stressed about getting rid of them but didn't have room to store them either.  I simply suggested removing the pictures, donating the frames, and then scanning the pictures.  She had never even thought of removing the pictures! She'd seen them as a "package deal".  It's amazing how a little change in perspective can help with something as simple as photo's. 
I love my little red photo scanner by Pandigital!  You simply run photo's through and they're saved on an XD card.  I plug that card into my computer and all my photo's are transferred - and it's so much fun!  I just spent a day scanning all my parents boxes of photo's and now we can actually enjoy them.
OK, you can't get it in red anymore, but here's a picture of mine and a link to the ...

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