Bringing Calm through Coaching
Q: What does a coaching session look like?
A: We can either coach over the phone or face to face with video conferencing.  We begin by identifying your concerns and goals.  Once you know what you want out of our coaching sessions, we start the process of making your goals become reality.
Q: What should I ask before hiring a Professional Organizer?
A: I recommend asking how long the organizer has been assisting clients and how many clients the organizer has assisted in the past year.   It's important to find an organizer who understands the different needs, frustrations and special issues that the disorganized person faces; ex:  ADD, chronic disorganization, downsizing, relocating, etc. 
Q: Can I hire you to just unpack and organize my move?
A: Yes.  We have multiple levels of assistance for relocations.  We can provide a "turn key" service, manage and unpack or just unpack and organize. 
Q: What should I do to prepare my office before our first video conference or in-person evaluation?
A: Nothing.  It is better for both of us if I see your spaces in the normal setting.  This will give us the best over-all picture and makes it easier to evaluate your needs and come up with a plan that will be easy to maintain.
Q: How does coaching differ from phyical organizing in my home or office?
A: I've discovered most my clients can do the work, they just don't know what to do or even how to get started.  Instead of spending hours tearing apart a room, we coach you through the steps of organizing so you aren't left with chaos.  We equip you to begin to take control and create the space you dream of but haven't attained.
Q: What kind of specialized trainings can you offer our office staff?
A:  We have training for Contact Managers, Outlook, Quickbooks, Paperless Office, Paper Management, Time Management, Space Management, Clutter Clearing and Organizing.
Q:  What does it cost to get organized?
A:  A monthly contract is $250. The hours are spread out in 1/2 hour or 1 hour increments over a 30 day period.   After the coaching session, you'll be equipped to handle that weeks goals - not overwhlemed, not overwhorked and no more discouragment!
Q:  What does is cost for a Life Coach?
A:  A monthly contract is $200.  The time is divided into 4 sessions of 45 minutes each over a 30 day period.  After each coaching session you'll leave with goals and the steps you've chosen to move toward those goals.