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     If your relocation is looming and you feel overwhelmed by the details, Officially Organized would be pleased to coordinate your relocation.  Our team of Relocation Specialists will work with you to create a calm, stress-free, smooth and organized relocation.
Whether you are moving locally or across the country, Officially Organized can manage your relocation. 

Moving Company Recommendation:
“Tracy is a self-motivated, energetic, reliable and highly efficient professional. I have had the honor of working with her on several projects and have recommended her services to several of my clients. She is definitely at the top of her game and has helped make my job much easier when my customers make the smart choice to use her. She should write a book about relocation organizing.”
Nathan Howell, Sales Manager, Affiliated Movers of OKC, Inc.
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In Our Clients Our Words:
  •  "Tracy does it all!  She dealt with the moving company and got everything done quickly.  It was so easy and she's right, it's stress-free"  Boise, ID
  • "We left on vacation, came home a week later and everything was moved to our new home, unpacked and organized!  Officially Organized came through for us on very short notice. We couldn't be more pleased with our organized home."  Edmond, OK
  • "I can't imagine ever moving without Officially Organized again!"  Edmond, OK
  •  "I don't know how they accomplished this much in 6 days!  It's way beyond what we expected"  Atlanta, GA
What can Officially Organized do for your relocation?
PREP:  Officially Organized will measure, label and map furnishings, prepare for transition from origin to destination, plan placement, color coding and layout of furniture with homeowner. Officially Organized will meet with your Interior Decorator to coordinate the correct placement of all furniture and décor.  Many customers even choose to go on vacation until the relocation is completed! 
PACKING  DAYS: Officially Organized will provide your chosen moving company with a custom plan for packing to insure efficient unpacking and organizing. Organizers will color code boxes and furniture and will remain on site to direct and manage packers throughout the packing process. Officially Organized will provide breakfast and lunch for the packing team.
LOAD DAYS:  Officially Organized will be at the origin, guiding the loading of all trucks. Trucks will be loaded in color order to insure the quickest organizing process at destination. Origin will be thoroughly examined to insure no missed items, small nails will be pulled from walls, trash removed to home dumpster and rooms vacuumed.  If you have a local move, items the movers are not permitted to move (paint, cleaning products, plants, candles, chemicals, etc.) will be transported to destination by the organizing team.  Refrigerators and freezers will be emptied, contents transported and organized at destination.  Officially Organized will provide breakfast and lunch for the loading team.
UNLOAD DAYS:  Officially Organized will prep the destination for easy placement of furniture and boxes.  Each room will be labeled and mapped with color code system and the movers will be directed as to the placement of all boxes and furniture.  The organizing team will be ready to receive all furniture and boxes as they are unloaded and will begin the unpack/organize process immediately. Officially Organized will provide breakfast and lunch for the unloading team.
UNPACK/ORGANIZE DAYS: Officially Organized will unpack and organize basic living spaces; Kitchen, Master Suite, Living, Dining, Office, Laundry, Library, Guest bed(s).   All unpacked boxes will be flattened and prepped for movers to pick up.  Each space will be staged for optimal ease of decorating by the homeowners chosen Interior Decorator.