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The Disorganized Organizer

Tracy Axcell, CPO©

             “I didn’t have to be taught to be disorganized; it came to me very naturally!  As a newlywed it was very apparent I didn’t possess something that other women in my life did—the ‘Naturally Organized’ gene. I would make piles so big it was easier to cover them as tables than to figure out how to organize them.  I would search for things I knew I’d purchased but had no idea where I’d buried them in all my clutter.  I found myself paying bills in panic mode because I’d lost the first and second notices.  It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to discover what those naturally organized people knew.

             What I’ve discovered is that naturally organized people think differently than naturally dis-organized ones.  I have been able to tap into that illusive gene to bring order and calm to my life.  I share this journey with business owners and home owners to assist them in their endeavors to clear the clutter in their disorganized spaces and reclaim the peace they so greatly desire.”